Compassion, Awareness,
and Mindfulness Applied Psychology

Bernadette Devenish - Director CAMA Psychology Group

Director of the CAMA Psychology Group, Bernadette Devenish, has a lifetime association with rural and remote communities as a nurse and landholder.

Born and raised on a mixed farming family property, Bernadette was educated in rural schools, raised her own family on an isolated rural property, and continues to have an active interest and involvement in isolated rural communities and agriculture.

Bernadette holds a Master in Clinical Psychology qualification, and is registered as a nurse with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA). For the past five years Bernadette has continued to work regularly in the areas of community support following natural disasters, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention.

Bernadette acknowledges and respects that we are all different, and that each of us has our own unique experiences and perceptions of life and the issues we face.

Working ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ the client, Bernadette draws on the clients rich and valuable knowledge of their unique life experiences, ensuring that they become the ‘expert’ in their own interventions.


Contact Details

Bernadette Devenish (Director)

Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical); BSci (Hons)- Psychology; MAPS
CAMA Psychology Group
Compassion, Awareness, and Mindfulness Applied
Phone: 0407 535 304
Fax: (07) 4566 2211

Areas of interest include –

Bernadette has a particular interest in embracing existing and future technologies in order to deliver evidence based clinical psychological interventions to people living in rural and remote communities.